Gold Jewelry Calculator to Value Your Jewelry

Scrap Gold Jewelry Calculator

For many women, collecting jewelry is a fun thing. They can spend their times to check the latest jewelry and buy the trendiest one to complete their collections and beautify them. So many people open jewelry stores so that they can take the advantage from these women. Do you know how worth the gold jewelry you bought? To help you valuing your gold jewelry, you can open How helps us to value our gold jewelry? It works like gold jewelry calculator.

Before we talk about gold jewelry calculator, here we share the Scrap Gold Prices per January 20th, 2014:

  1. 24 carats gold (pure, .999+) are $ 40.26/gram.
  2. 18 carats gold is $ 30.19/gram.
  3. 14 carats gold is $ 23.48/gram.

Scrap gold calculator or gold jewelry calculator discovers the value of your gold in easy process. If common kitchen scales usually measure in grams, digital gram scale will give you greater accuracy so you can consider finding digital gram scale. There are two items to help value your scrap gold jewelry.

  1. Digital Gram Scales that’s not expensive and you can find at retail stores. Most types of kitchen scales measure in grams. At a minimum, these scales can give you a rough weight estimate without purchasing more accurate scale. For you who want more accuracy scales on eBay and are usually priced under $ 10.00.
  2. Basic Gold Testing Kits are another affordable alternative but it is more difficult to find at retail stores. Much basic gold testing acid that’s the simplest ones are sell for under $ 20.00. Although it is more expensive, it is more sophisticated and accurate gold testing tool you can consider.

By knowing the value of your gold jewelry, you will know what to do with your precious jewelry. So you can consider valuing your own gold jewelry now.

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