Mix and Match Outfits with Jewelry Art Institute

Jewelry Art Institute

For many women, collecting jewelry is a fun thing. They can spend their times to check the latest jewelry and buy the trendiest one to complete their collections and beautify them. So many people open jewelry stores so that they can take the advantage from these women. One of many jewelry stores is Jewelry Arts Institute. Jewelry Arts Institute located at 22 East 49th Street Fourth Floor New York, New York City 10017. What did Jewelry Arts Institute offer for us? Let us see some information about Jewelry Arts Institute.

Just like the other jewelry stores, Jewelry Arts Institute offer gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, silver earrings, gold and silver earrings, and silver necklaces. We would like to share about how to mix and match some of Jewelry Arts Institute jewelry collections with your outfits here.

  1. What to wear with Jewelry Arts Institute’s 22 carats gold earrings with turquoise and rose cut sapphire by Jeanette Caines. This $ 2400.00 priced gold earrings with turquoise ornaments will look suitable with your white floral mini dress. You will look feminine with these outfits. Wear turquoise colored flat shoes to maximize your girly look.
  2. Glamour party style with 22 carats gold fireball pearl necklace with peridot and diamond clasp by Ellen Baumritter. This beautiful necklace will be yours after you paid for $ 8500.00. When you want to look more stylish with your working outfits, this necklace will help. Wear your peplum dress in dark color and a white blazer to make it look formal. And then wear this necklace on your neck and you will look perfect.
  3. Get luxurious party look with set of three sterling silver bangles by Melissa Caraway. The price of this bracelet is just $ 375.00. Although this is cheap, you can look more luxurious with this. Sterling Silver bracelet will look shiny when it is touched by the lights and this will make your party dress looks more perfect.
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