Antique Native American Jewelry for Women and Men

Vintage Native American Jjewelry

Jewelry was luxury good that can’t be owned by all people. There were some rich people who could buy jewelry. But nowadays, jewelry is included in tertiary needs. Almost all women want to buy jewelry so they can accessorize themselves and make their body looks more stunning. If you love collecting jewelry and you have so many collections of jewelry you better know where to get the best jewelry. To help you find gorgeous jewelry with good quality, we share some ideas about some places you can visit. For you who love antique and vintage jewelry, antique Native American jewelry designed by Calvin Begay can be great collections.

Who is Calvin Begay? Calvin Begay is an artist, jeweler, designer, and master craftsman. Calvin Begay was born in Gallup, New Mexico in 1965 and he was raised in Tohatci in northwestern New Mexico. Calvin Begay Jewelry is created from Navajo inlay techniques that are translated into a reflection of Native American heritage. All collections of Calvin Begay Jewelry look elegant and contemporary. Here is some antique Native American jewelry of Calvin Begay Jewelry you can buy:

  1. For women, Calvin Begay designed beautiful antique Native American jewelry watch. That watch is named Gemstone Time. It is made of sterling silver and its length is 7”. You can wear this watch to work, with casual style, and even to attend party but pay $ 825.00 first.
  2. Next Calvin Begay collection of antique Native American jewelry is designed for men. It is a ring named Shooting Star made of sterling silver. The width of this ring is 10.5” and you can get this after you pay $ 387.50.
  3. Last collection of antique Native American jewelry from Calvin Begay is a pendant for necklace. If you love all about nature, you can consider buying Dragonfly pendant that’s also made of sterling silver. The size of this pendant is just 2.5” and it will look beautiful to be on your neck. Get it after you pay $ 261.25.
Antique Native American Jewelry

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