Making Artistic Homemade Jewelry Holder

Homemade Jewelry Holder

In past, jewelry had very high price, so there were only some special people can buy jewelries. But now, the price of jewelry is lower and even there is much imitation jewelry that looks similar with the original ones but have lower price. But women still love collecting the original jewelry than the imitation one because original jewelry is a good infestation that won’t be influenced by inflation. It doesn’t matter you collect original jewelry or imitation jewelry; you have to save them in an interesting storage. The storage of your jewelry isn’t only as storage but also will decorate your room. We would like to tell you about how to create homemade jewelry holder.

Before you create homemade jewelry holder, prepare these materials:

  1. Braided newspapers.
  2. Newspaper.
  3. Glue.
  4. Cardboard.
  5. Paint.
  6. Scissor or cutter.
  7. Carton paper as the layer.

And here are the steps of making homemade jewelry holder by you:

  1. Cut the cardboard according to the size you want. But make sure the cardboard can carry all of your jewelry collection.
  2. Make the cover of box.
  3. Layer inside of the box using Newspaper, not the braided ones.
  4. Make some small boxes inside the big boxes to separate your jewelry collections.
  5. For the exterior of your jewelry box, you can twist the braided newspapers around the box. Glue the corner of braided newspaper and make sure it is tightly patched on the box.
  6. Make sure the box can be closed, don’t twist the braided newspapers on the top, at least you should make a space about 1 cm width.
  7. Twist the braided newspaper outside the cover too. For the top of cover, you can create plait from braided newspaper and patch it to decorate the cover of box.
  8. After you finish twisting, you can color the braided newspapers using paint.
Homemade Jewelry Holder Ideas

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