Cleaning and Saving Wooden Earrings for Men

Wooden Studs for Men

Many women and girls have piercing on their ear lobes since they were babies. The piercing enables women and girls to wear jewelries or accessories on their ear lobes. Those women and girls can wear earrings that will complete their appearance. Nowadays, so many kinds of earrings can be found easily anywhere. For girls there are many earrings from plastic, fabric, and even wood. And for older women, jewelries like gold earrings, diamond earrings, pearl earrings are so elegant on their ears. Now, earrings are also designed for men and usually earrings for men are made of silver, wood, and the other cool materials. If you have wooden earrings for men, here we share how to take care of them.

  1. Don’t let the dust destroys your wooden earrings for men. Make sure you always wear your wooden earrings. And before you save wooden earrings for long time, clean your wooden earrings routinely.
  2. Use soft cloth to clean your wooden earrings for men. If the dust makes your wooden earrings look dull, you can use soft cloth to clean the surface. If your wooden earrings have complicated design, make sure you clean each dent well. Or you can use a wet cloth that’s humid to clean your wooden earrings. But make sure after you clean it you dry your wooden earrings soon.
  3. Another way of cleaning wooden earrings for men is using chemicals. You can polish your wooden earrings using chemical. Chemical helps your wooden earrings look shiny and not dull. If you aren’t sure with chemical, you can use natural materials such as olive oil to polish your wooden earrings.
  4. If you want to save your wooden earrings for men for long time, you should know how to save it. Place wooden earrings into a wooden box and place the box on a dry and dark room. Avoid your wooden earrings from direct sunlight.
Wooden Hoop Earrings for Men

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