Cleaning Cool Earrings for Guys with Textured Shape

Cool Earrings for Men

Accessories are everything that can make our appearance looks better. Women and girls love wearing accessories to beautify themselves. They usually wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, nail arts, and the other accessories that can make them look ‘perfect’ and charming. How about men? Some men would like to accessorize themselves by wearing watch, ring, necklace, and now many men would like to wear earrings as their accessories too. The most popular earrings for men are small hoop earrings for men that are made of silver because silver are cooler and more masculine than yellow gold. But some men would like to wear cool earrings for guys that are made of yellow gold too. The other men would like to wear gold earrings that have textured shape.

If you have cool earrings for guys with textured shape, you need special ways to clean them. Here are some tips about cleaning textured cool earrings for guys you can try.

  1. Use brass brush that you can find on store of building materials. First of all, brush your textured cool earrings for guys using the brass brush. Next, you can wash your cool earrings from yellow gold using mixing of water and soap, especially if your cool earrings are made of 14K yellow gold.
  2. For the textured shape of your cool earrings for guys, here are special ways you can do. Use a brush with small fur to clean the textured surface. Brass brush will help you giving shiny polish on your cool earrings for guys. For earrings that the design is complicated, you can use silver cleanser that can clean those complicated part. After all, you can dry the earrings by rubbing them using the smoothest fabric you have.

By following the steps above, your cool earrings for guys will always look cool and masculine.

Cool Earrings for Guys

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