How Does Mariah Carey Wedding Ring Looks Like?

Pics of Mariah Carey Wedding Ring

Wedding is always identical with wedding ring, and even two rings that are united symbolizes wedding. In past, only some special people can buy ring because of the price is too high. But nowadays, all people can buy ring and give it to someone they love. Where you can buy wedding ring? So many stores provide many kinds of wedding rings. There are also some online stores that usually sell cheaper wedding rings. About the design and model of wedding ring, you can imitate the design of celebrity’s wedding ring such as Mariah Carey wedding ring.

Six weeks after she dates with Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey got a wedding ring from her boy. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were married on April 30th, 2008 at Bahamas. Nick Cannon bought a wedding ring for Mariah Carey, how does Mariah Carey wedding ring looks like and what makes it special?

Mariah Carey wedding ring has 17 carats and it is beautified with 59 pieces of diamonds. What a wonderful wedding ring! That 17 carats diamond wedding ring from Nick Cannon was US$ 2.5 million. Mariah Carey wedding ring has beautiful combinations between transparent diamonds and pink colored diamond. That combination makes Mariah Carey wedding ring looks feminine, luxurious, and beautiful.

People said diamonds are women’s best friends. If you want to make your girl glad, you can buy a wedding ring that’s looks like Mariah Carey wedding ring. You don’t need to spend US$ 2.5 million to get wedding ring likes Mariah Carey’s. You can just order a wedding ring that the design is same, but without 59 small diamonds. Just pick a diamond with your girl’s favorite color on the center as a charm, give it to her when you propose her to marriage. And then you can see how happy her face is when she accept your beautiful gift.

Mariah Carey Wedding Ring

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