Beware Cancer by Knowing Signs of Skin Cancer Face

Skin Cancer Face

Nowadays, there are so many dangerous and deaden diseases especially for women. Many kinds of cancers are very dangerous and murder many women’s lives. Besides breast cancer, skin cancer is also deadening. The ozone that’s become thin enables the sun rays and the ultra violet reaches our skin easily. This is caused skin cancer that if it is not recognized and anticipated will be a serious killer. As we have to know what the signs are of skin cancer so we can get the tackling as soon as before the cancer becomes savage. Here we share some information about skin cancer face signs to help you recognize the skin cancer on your face.

  1. First is actinic keratosis, it is the growth of skin before the cancer can be founded on the skin of head, face, hands, and arms. This skin cancer face has some signs like has red or pink color on our skin and felt itchy and rough. If you have this sign on your face, you have to make it disappear because 5% to 10% actinic keratosis can be serious skin cancer.
  2. Second is basal cell carcinoma. Basal cell carcinoma is damage on skin, especially on face’s skin that’s caused of sun rays. Usually, basal cell carcinoma looks like acnes with pink or red color that can be bloody and caused scab. This is a kind of skin cancer face that’s remediable easily if it is cured as soon as possible.
  3. Melanoma is the third kind of skin cancer face we have to know.  Melanoma is a kind of dangerous skin cancer face that’s able to spread quickly. But melanoma is still remediable if it is detected earlier. You have to be careful if there is a sign that’s look like fungus but has black color. This black spot usually will grow bigger and become brown, reddish brown or still black.

Those are some signs of skin cancer face we have to know and anticipate. Hope that information can help us to be careful of skin cancer and safe our life. Don’t ever forget to protect our skin by wearing closed clothes and lotion with UV protector.

Signs Skin Cancer Face

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