Plus Size Models Measurements

Plus Size Models Measurements

So many women in this world were born as beautiful women. Some others need to visit beauty salons for several times to beautify themselves. Some of those beautiful women with their beauty are able to work as models. But some other women who have plus size body feel shy to be model. In the other articles, we have read about many women with their plus size body who became very famous as models. You can be like them too. Just check the plus size models measurements and if you are qualified, you can be one of many plus size models.In the other articles, you can find many explanations about plus size model requirements. Inside this article, we will see some plus size models measurements and see if your body measurements are same or at least similar with them.

  1. First of plus size models measurements is Victoria Leigh who came from USA. Victoria’s busts’ size is 38” with D cup. Her waist is 29” and her hips are 40”. She has 5’9” height and 155 lbs weight.
  2. In the second position of plus size models measurements is Lauren Burnett who came from Australia. Her measurements are 34” busts’ size with B cup. Her height is 5’11” and her weight is 130 lbs. Victoria’s dress size is 10 and her shoe size is 9.
  3. Tara Lynn is the third of plus size models measurements we will see. She comes from USA and her measurements are: 38” busts’ size with C/D cup. Her height is 5’9”. Victoria’s dress size is 16 and her shoe size is 9.5
  4. Laura Wells is the next plus size model from Australia. Her bust is 36” with D cup, her waist is 30”, and her hips size is 42”. She has 5’10” height.
  5. And the last plus size model is Johanna Dray from France. Her busts’ size is 39” with C cup. She has 30” waist and 42” hips. Johanna’s height is 5’11”. Her dress size is 18 and her shoe size is 8.

From fifth plus size models measurements above, which one that’s similar with yours?

Plus Size Models Measurements Height Weight

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